Brahmo Balika Shiksalaya


About Us

The Brahmo Samaj as its founder Raja Rammohun Roy always gave the highest priority for education and emancipation of their fellowmen. The effort restricted by social and religious taboo.
IN 1803 long before Rammohun founded the Brahmo Samaj he published the Tuhfat-ul-Mujawahhidin a work protesting the idolatries and superstitions of all creeds. As early as 1816 within two years of setting in Calcutta Rammohun in consultation with his friend Mr. David Hare planned to open an institution for instruction of the youth in science and literature of Europe, from which project however he was forced out by his detractors. In 1823 Rammohun started and maintained with his own funds an English school where Devendranath Tagore was a student. Later he helped Rev. Alexander Duff open another English school in different part of the city .All this while on the other hand Rammohun published translations of the Upanishad, the Vedanta tracts on Sutee, Hindu Theism and other writings in Bengali, English and Hindi for his countrymen.
This idea and ideal was carried on by Sadharan Brahmo Samaj, established in May 1878. It founded the City School in January 1879 even before building its own Mandir.

The Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya was established in 16th May,1890 by the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj on the 12th anniversary of its foundation. The objective of the Shikshalaya was to give sound intellectual training to its students based upon religious and moral instruction. It was conceived to be not just an institution not to teach their students just to pass examinations but to make them proper citizens to serve society. Hence the motto as engraved in the emblem of this Shikshalaya : Shraddhya, Tapasya , Sevaya.
The Managing Committee appointed by the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj consisted of the following members:- Babu Madhusudhan Sen, Babu Upendra Kishore Roychoudhuri, Babu Adinath Chatterjee, Babu Umesh Chandra Dutta-Secretary,Miss LabanyaPrabha Bose –Assistant Secretary , Pandit Sivnath Sastri, Dr. M.M.Bose and Babu Umapada Rai. A boarding establishment was added from 1st October of the same year.